Your High School Senior pictures reflect YOU at that moment of time in your life; your last year of High School. You will never be High School Senior again. Your Senior memories that were captured by a professional photographer will provide you with a lasting keepsake of this important and special period in your life.

Choosing your photographer for your Senior Photos is an important choice and investment you will need to make. With more advanced digital cameras available today at affordable prices, it seems like everybody is a photographer now. Don't leave your once in a lifetime memories in the hands of an inexperienced photographer that doesn't understand the fine art of portraiture. I get a few calls every year from despondent parents or seniors that want me to redo their senior photos because they had somebody, usually a family member, friend, or friend of a friend, that lacked the skill set to create quality portraits. Many have to settle for what they got because it would create hard feelings between them if they had them redone. In addition, there are hundreds of inexperienced photographers still learning at your expense. They are cheap and in most cases, its like the saying; "You get what you paid for." Some people rationalize that these photos are "good enough" considering what they paid. Your Senior Portraits should not be a "good enough" portraits. You deserve better than that for this memorable time.

There are many aspects of Senior Portrait Photography that come with experience; Lighting, Posing, Creativity, Consistency, Details, Post Processing Skills (Digital Darkroom), Equipment, Service, Reputation, and of course Quality. My photography style combines fashion flair and classic portraiture along with edgy, artistic styles.  How I shoot your session is determined by YOU. Most of the time, I shoot a mixture of styles to offer you different choices.

Don't settle for "good enough." Shop around, compare quality versus price and I believe you will find Rojo Photography should be your Senior Photographer.  If for some reason, you don't feel I'm the one or I'm booked, ask me for a referral.  I know many professional photographers in the area that are experienced professionals and would be happy to refer one that will deliver quality images and service. 

I'm looking forward to hearing from you.
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