Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life which you will share and celebrate with the ones you love. After the laughter has subsided, the tears have dried, and the memories have faded, you will want to relive those moments with your only lasting keepsake from your special day; your wedding photos.

Choosing your photographer for your special day is one of the most important investments you will make. With more advanced digital cameras available today at affordable prices, it seems like everybody is a photographer now. Don't leave your momentous day in the hands of an inexperienced photographer that doesn't understand the camera or the challenges that a wedding can present. You only get one chance at your day.  Don't be the one of those who "wished" they had hired a professional photographer.

What you will want is an experienced photographer to capture images that tell the story of your wedding day. One who is stable enough to deal with the pressures and adapt to the ever changing flow of the wedding. One who understands lighting, composition, and attention to details. They need to be relaxed, easy going, approachable, and ready to handle any situation. And most important, they must have a passion and creative vision to document your day through their lens.

My preferred photographic style is a creative photojournalistic style with some artistic mixed in. That is I capture the events as they unfold in front of me, yet strive to get a creative perspective of it whether through composition, angles, lighting, etc. I can be involved as much as you want or disappear into a corner and still capture your story. Of course traditional is within my ability and typically couples want that for formals, but we can also add some artistic flair to that as well.

I truly believe I offer the highest quality and service for the best price. Whatever you do, please don't low budget on your wedding photography. There are other things in a wedding budget that can be scaled back rather than your photography. Even if you don't hire me to capture your day for whatever reason or if I'm booked on your day, I would be happy to offer a referral to other photographers in the area that are true professionals and will deliver quality images and service.

I look forward to hearing from you.
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